Our Services

Rugs provide a focal point for your room, can cover a worn or unsightly carpet, or laid over floorboards or tiles to make a home warmer and friendlier. Many rugs are so rare and valuable, they are used as precious wall hangings, rather than risk damage from foot traffic through the house.

Whatever your reason for owning a rug, they are functional household items and, as a result, require love and care to keep them in pristine condition.

At Woods Rug Laundry we know that every rug is precious to its owner. As such our highly-skilled technicians treat every rug with the utmost care and attention. Our rug cleaning and repair services can bring some of the most careworn rugs back to life. It is always rewarding to see the smiles on our customers’ faces when we return a restored rug.

Don’t take your rugs for granted. Show them some love and breath new life into your home. At Woods Rug Laundry, we offer a wide range of specialised rug cleaning services, including:


Rug Cleaning starts at: $28.00 per sqm

Stain Protection: from $12.00 per sqm

Pickup Melbourne Metropolitan area: $25.00

Delivery Melbourne Metropolitan area: $25.00

Outside of Metropolitan area: $50 each way

For more information on Our Services, you can contact us on our number below. Or you can request a quote, or book a pick up, online.