Rug Cleaning

rug cleaning melbourneAt Woods Rug Laundry we have a 7 Step approach to our Rug Cleaning services to ensure we get you the best results possible!

Step One: Inspection and Analysis

First and most importantly, we carefully inspect all rugs to note the exact cleaning requirements of each rug. As a result, we take into consideration the type of fibre the rug is constructed from. Rugs are tested for the colour fastness of the dyes, and specific stains and odours are noted. If urine is detected you will be contacted with a quotation for urine treatment (this is an additional cost on top of the cleaning cost for your rug).

Step Two: Dust and Dirt Removal

Prior to cleaning, all rugs are thoroughly vacuumed and agitated to remove as much dry soil as possible.

Step Three: Pre-Spray

All rugs are pre-treated for stains and odours. Our cleaning solutions are water based and bio-degradable, and as close to ph-neutral as possible.

Step Four: Rotary Shampoo

Our technicians then apply shampoo which is gently massaged into the rug using a rotary machine. This step assists in the removal of dirt and stains.

rug cleaning melbourneStep Five: Rinsing/Wringer

Once shampooed, the rug is then passed through our state-of-the-art rinsing machine. Soft jets of cold water wash away the dirt particles and shampoo. The wringer then removes the excess moisture from the rug.

 Step Six: Drying and De-Humidifying

Rugs are then hung in our climate-controlled drying room. All rugs are moisture tested using moisture meters before being removed from the drying room. Drying may take up to 48 hours depending on the composition of the rug.

Step Seven: Final Phaserug cleaning melbourne

Fringes are hand-cleaned, and rugs are inspected for any other areas requiring attention. Rugs are then vacuumed and groomed (silk rugs are treated in special proprietary ways to ensure that the genuine silk finish and feel is retained). Finally, they are then rolled ready for your collection or delivery.

If you would like to find out more information about our Rug Cleaning services, request a quote or book a pick up, please use our links below.