Rug Repairs

Woods Rug Laundry’s expert repairer has over 30 years experience repairing and restoring rugs. Rugs are a fantastic, but expensive investment, and sometimes they can get damaged. Rather than replacing your rug, you may want to investigate rug repair.

Rug Restoration

Your prized Persian or oriental rug might have seen better days. With decades of experience, our technicians can inspect and assess your rug to see if restoration is possible. Woods Rug Laundry can provide you with a free, no obligation quotation for the following specialised repair services:

  • Reweaving damaged ends, selvages, corners etc.
  • Reweaving holes and patterns from moth damage
  • Securing fringes
  • Trimming fringes
  • Adding missing fringes
  • Tears
  • Pet damage (chewed corners and fringes)

Rug Maintenance

Some rugs, however, cannot be repaired. Rugs that have been incorrectly stored, suffer from mold or have been damaged by pet urine can often not be restored. As a result, it is important to keep your rug well maintained. Woods Rug Laundry recommends regular rug cleaning to protect your rug from damage caused by dirt, dust, debris and pet-based damage. A rug is an investment piece in your home. Don’t neglect it by using off-the-shelf products!

If you would like to find out more about Wood Rug Laundry”s Rug Repair services or Rug Cleaning, book a pick up or request a quote, please click our links below or contact us today!