Why You Need Expert Rug Cleaning!

Too few people realise that their rugs need a great deal of care. While keeping your rug clean by regularly vacuuming can help, your vacuum cleaner cannot remove dirt buried deep in the fibres. Today we’re going to discuss why you need expert rug cleaning and we answer some of your questions!

How Often Should I Have My Rug Cleaned?rug stains rug cleaning melbourne woods rug laundry

We recommend you get your rug cleaned at least once every twelve months. However, if your rug is in a high traffic area, then you may need to have it cleaned more frequently.

Why Don’t You Clean Rugs at Home?

We never recommend cleaning a rug in your home. As you can see from the process above, your rug needs to be carefully cleaned and dried. You need to ensure that all the water and shampoo is removed from the rug to prevent mould and mildew.

In-home cleaning makes it impossible to fully extract the water and dry it in a safe place. Leaving a wet rug on your floor not only increases the chance of your rug rotting, it can also damage your flooring. And do your really want that “wet dog” smell hanging around your house for days?

The best you can hope for with in-home cleaning is a careful surface cleaning.

What is the Difference Between Surface Cleaning and Expert Rug Cleaning?

Surface cleaning and steam cleaning were created for cleaning wall-to-wall carpets. As a result, it only ever cleans the surface, leaving dirt trapped deep in your rug that can quickly turn to mud.

Vacuuming alone cannot remove the kilograms of dirt your rug could be holding. And carpet cleaning devices simply inject water and chemicals into the rug, leaving behind chemical residue, soil and mud. This is why you need an expert rug cleaning company who can perform a proper deep clean.

No. Surface cleaning and steam cleaning will only ever clean the surface of rugs. These techniques were developed for cleaning wall-to-wall carpets as it is impossible to remove wall-to-wall carpet and give it a deep clean.

How Do Professionals Clean Rugs?rug cleaning melbourne

Unlike in-home cleaning services that simply inject water and chemicals into your rug, Wood’s Rug Laundry uses traditional cleaning processes. This both cleans and sanitises your rug. Our expert, seven step approach involves:

1: Inspecting and Analysing

All our rugs are carefully inspected to note the exact cleaning needs of each rug. We consider the type of fibre, colourfastness of the dyes, as well as specific stains and odours. If we find pet urine or stains, we will also contact you with a quote (urine treatment is difficult, which means an additional cost).

2: Removing Dust and Dirt

We use specialist equipment to agitate and remove as much dust and soil as possible.

3: Pre-Spraying

We then pre-treat all rugs for stains and odours. We use a water-based, bio-degradable cleaning solution that is as close to PH-neutral as possible.

4: Shampooing

Our expert rug cleaning team will then apply a proprietary shampoo that is gently massaged into the rug with a rotary machine. This helps remove dirt and stains.

5: Rinsingrug stains

Once shampooing is complete, we pass the rug through our state-of-the-art rinsing machine. This involves removing dirt and shampoo using soft jets of cold water. The end wringer then removes excess moisture from the rug – something that cannot be done in in-home rug cleaning.

6: Drying and Dehumidifying

Properly drying and dehumidifying rugs is something that is impossible to do in-home. Our expert rug cleaning involves hanging the rug in our climate-controlled drying room. Drying can take up to 48 hours and we carefully check moisture levels before removing the rug from the room.

7: Expert Rug Cleaning Final Phase

Our team then hands cleans your rug fringe before inspecting the rug for other areas that require attention. We then vacuum and groom your rug. For silk rugs we use a proprietary treatment to ensure the silk finish and feel is retained.

Are the Chemicals You Use Safe for My Family and Pets?

Our products are water-based, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. They have been carefully tested to ensure they are safe for both you and your rug. As a result, yes, all our treatments are safe for you, your family, and pets.

Pick Up and Deliveryrug home delivery rug delivery delivery and pick up melbourne woods rug laundry

For your convenience, expert rug cleaning companies like Woods Rug Laundry offer a convenient pick up and delivery service. This means keeping your rug in pristine condition is simple!

If your rug is in need of expert cleaning, contact the team at Wood’s Rug Laundry today! Enjoy the comfort of knowing your rug is being traditionally and professionally cleaned, today!