Why Some Rugs Have Dye Bleed

One of the most frustrating things for rug owners, is dye bleeding. There are a variety of reasons why a rug might bleed. Today the team at Woods Rug Laundry is going to discuss why rug dyes bleed.

Rug Dye Bleed – Fugitive DyesRug Bleeding – Fugitive Dyes

Fugitive dye issues can occur from improper exposure to water, due to a flood or a poor cleaning attempt. A professional cleaner can properly test for potential risks, and then determine if the rug can be safely cleaned and what stabilizing  solutions to use.

Excess Dye and Over-Dyeing

If your rug has never been cleaned before, there can be some excess dye in the fibres that may wash our on the first cleaning. It is the same as when you get a new shirt or skirt, sometimes a little excess dye needs washing out. On the other hand, additional colour can be added after the rug has been woven, to make it brighter. This additional dye can wash out during a cleaning.

High Heat or AlkalinityHigh Heat or Alkalinity rug bleed

Even the most colourfast dye can bleed if it is improperly combined with high temperatures or high alkalinity. This can occur if you attempt to clean your rug at home with the wrong equipment and off the shelf products. A professional rug cleaner can check the rug is washed at the right temperature, with the right cleaning solutions.

Dye Bleed Due to Home Cleaning

Home cleaning leaves water and residue in your rugs. This build up can not only cause rot and mould to form in your rug, it can also affect the dyes. The build up can create “bleeders”, which can affect the entire rug. You might get away with one or two attempts at home cleaning before you encounter an irreversible, bleeding nightmare.

Pet Stains and Urineurine stains dye bleeding

Every pet owner has likely had at least one accident when it comes to their pets and their precious rugs. Most people get their rugs to a professional cleaner, quickly, so that they can be properly treated. But if you leave animal urine in rugs without treatment, it turns extremely alkaline over the weeks and months.

As a result, if urine isn’t cleaned off a rug right away, this causes permanent dye damage. Pet urine is the most dangerous spill that can occur on your rug. Even with the right treatment, the smell of urine can be removed but the stain can be permanent. It is best to try to keep your pets and your rugs apart as much as possible.

Dyed Weftsdyed wefts and rug dye bleeding

The wefts of a rug are basically the bones or foundations of your rug. These are usually white cotton, but in some rugs the wefts may be dyed also. If you are trying to wash your rug at home, you won’t know how to test if your wefts are dyed. This can cause surprise rug bleeding, which is not ideal. Professional cleaners know how to test rugs properly and clean them safely to protect against dye bleeding. Need help with your rug today? Worried that your rug might have dye bleed? Contact the team at Wood’s Rug Laundry today for help!