What Makes a High-Quality Rug?

Buying a rug is not only a big decision it is also a huge investment if you are buying a traditional or oriental rug. Unlike commercially made nylon rugs, that you can expect to replace every few years, high-quality rugs are meant to last decades. They should last long enough to be passed down from one generation to another. It isn’t unusual to find a good, oriental rug that is over a hundred years old while machine made rugs rarely last past ten years. Today we’re going to discuss what makes a high-quality rug.

High-Quality RugWhat is a “Fine” or “High-Quality” Rug?

When researching what type of rug you want, you have probably come across the word “fine”. Even when shopping for commercial rugs, it is likely you have heard the salesperson use the word “fine” or “high-quality”. But in the world of commercial carpets and oriental carpets, these terms mean very different things.

When it comes to commercial carpets, “fine” generally refers to the quality, texture, and “beauty” of the rug. It is a term to make the carpet sound more appealing. When it comes to oriental rugs, “fine” refers to the knot count or knot density.

Knot density is the number of knots is the specified unit of measurement when it comes to rugs. While some people assume that a high knot count means a carpet is more valuable, this is not always true in every case. There are regional differences in weaving techniques and materials, as well as different design, which will affect the final knot count.

Knot Density and Quality Rugs

Knot density is found by counting the number of rug knots per square inch or KPSI. A fine weave rug will have a higher knot count than a coarse weave rug. While some general guidelines apply to all rugs in terms of whether the weave is fine or coarse, it’s still important to know if the salesperson is talking about rugs from a specific region or rugs in general. Rugs from different regions will have knot counts specific for their region. Comparing carpets woven in different regions is like comparing apples to oranges and should be judged against rugs similar to them.

Knot count does have to do with quality but not in the way most think. If you were to take two carpets produced in the same region, with similar designs, then the one with the higher knot count would be the better carpet.

What Makes a High-Quality Rug?Design of a High-Quality Rug vs A Coarse Weave Rug

In general, a rugs range from 20 to well over 1,000 KPSI. Anything below 80 KPSI is seen as coarse or low quality. KPSI of 80 – 120 is an acceptable rug. Rugs with KPSI of 120 to 330 is generally considered to be a good, medium range rug. And finally, anything of 330 KPSI and over is considered “fine” or a high-quality rug.

Rugs with a higher knot count can generally include a more intricate design as a higher knot count is more suited to delicate curving shapes and shading. Coarse rugs, on the other hand, use larger scale geometric shapes with straight lines. They are hardly every able to feature curving lines or shapes because the knot density is too low. This often gives lower KPSI rugs a more rustic and tribal look.

Can You Get a Fine Commercial Rug?

When talking about commercial rugs, we are referring to those that are made entirely by high-speed machines. Commercial carpets are generally measure using the pile weight. The is the ounce of yarn used to make a square yard of rug. Typically commercial rugs range between 16-40oz per yard. Compared to finely woven rugs, they generally have a shorter pule and are high density. This allows them to last longer under heavy foot traffic. They are made of synthetic fibres, including viscose, nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Manufacturers are in stiff competition to increase the quality of their rugs with some rugs now featuring up to 100 ounces of yarn per square yard.

When it comes to choosing between a commercial rug and a fine, high-quality rug, the choice is clear. While fine rugs are far more expensive, commercial grade carpets will never match their stunning looks and appeal. Even though it is possible to achieve high density with commercial rugs, they will never be ale to mimic the same softness as a fine, high-quality Persian rug.

Choosing the Right Rug for Your HomeWhy is a High-Quality Rug so Special?

A fine woven rug is a pleasure to find. A finer weave allows for the creation of gorgeous details and designs. High-quality rugs also have a suppleness to them that coarse weave rugs and commercial rugs lack. They also allow for the threads to be packed tighter, making for a more durable rug – unlike commercial rugs which need replacing after less than ten years. High-quality rugs display how much more time and skill has gone into their making, setting them apart from other rugs.

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