What Happens to Outdoor Rugs When They Get Wet?

Outdoor rugs are more popular than ever. But, due to their outdoor nature, they will sometimes get wet, whether from rain, condensation, or even pool use. When this happens, you need to know how to properly care for your outdoor rug. Today we will discuss what happens to outdoor rugs when they get wet.outdoor rugs dirty

What Happens to an Outdoor Rug When It Gets Wet?

Generally, outdoor rugs are made from a material that’s resistant to different weather conditions. But it’s a common question when it comes to outdoor rugs. What will happen to outdoor rugs when they get wet?

If your outdoor rug gets wet and isn’t properly dried, the rug will likely grow mildew. This creates unhealthy conditions that can lead to mould growing. Not only will mould and mildew ruin your rug, it can cause serious health issues. This is especially the case for young children, elderly family members, and those with immune conditions. The spores from mould and mildew can affect these vulnerable people, especially those with lung issues. And your rug, if left long enough, can become damaged enough to require replacement.

Can an Outdoor Rug Stay Out in the Rain?

Generally, the materials used in outdoor rugs are flexible and are generally somewhat resistant to the sun, humidity, and some minor water droplets. Outdoor rugs come in a wide variety of sizes, forms, and materials. Some materials, like nylon, polyester, or polypropylene, can withstand rain to an extent. However, we advise you take your rug to a professional to get it properly dried. Leaving a rug to stay wet for prolong periods, you run the risk of it growing mouldy.

Outdoor Rug Materials

Outdoor rugs are becoming more popular the more we entertain outdoors. They are ideal for defining outdoor spaces and creating a bright, vibrant space. But what happens if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain? Or you have a surprisingly heavy downfall? Below are some rug materials that hold up better to rain and water than other rug materials.

1: Polypropylenemould spores

There are some good reasons to choose polypropylene. Polypropylene is cheaper, lightweight yet stiff and durable enough, making it good for outdoor rugs. Due to its structural strength, polypropylene is also perfect for creating gorgeous, fashionable rugs that are flexible, so they can blend in with many other materials, making your rug even more stylish and stunning.

2: Polyester

Polyester has been one of the most durable materials in the world. You can get a wide range of colours and patterns in polyester rugs with varying strengths of durability. It is said it can withstand prolonged exposure to water and it is easier to clean and maintain as well.

3: Nylon

Nylon is another recommended fibre for outdoor rugs. It is considered a more water resistant fibre than other fibres on the market. With nylon you can get a wide variety of outdoor and indoor rugs at an affordable price.

Can Outdoor Rugs Get Mouldy?outdoor rugs mouldy

While synthetic fibres are sold on their lasting durability, support, and flexibility, it doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible mould when exposed to water and humidity. Even if your rug fibre claims to be water resistant, it isn’t mould resistant. This means it is best you keep your rug dry to protect it from mould, especially if it’s going to rain. To protect your rug from growing dangerous mould that will not only destroy your rug but affect the health of your family and friends, you should:

1: Bring your rug inside if it begins to rain or if it is going to be exposed to excessive water, like kids splashing in a swimming pool.

2: Whenever your rug is exposed to water, take it to a professional, like Woods Rug Laundry, to be properly treated and cleaned to avoid mould.

Professional Outdoor Rug Cleaningoutdoor rugs

While it is important to choose a rug that suits your outdoor space and styling, you also need to remember that an outdoor rug is inevitably going to get wet. So it is important to talk to the seller and ask which rugs they recommend for your space. You should also be prepared to bring your rugs inside if it begins to rain, even if that means moving furniture to do so.

Finally, it is important to realise that constant water interaction with your rug, even just condensation, creates the perfect breeding ground for mould. While some people will try to clean them at home, homes are not equipped to dry rugs out as thoroughly as professionally cleaners, like Woods Rug Laundry. Our 7-Step Cleaning Process can help prevent the growth of mould and mildew in wet rugs, and our professional drying rooms and thoroughly dry out your rug so it comes back to you as good as new.

If you have an outdoor rug that’s gotten wet in the rain or by some excited splashes from a pool, contact the team at Woods Rug Laundry today. We assess your rug and get it cleaned up as good as new!