What Can I Do About a Wet Area Rug?

Accidents happen. Some accidents are small, like spilling a glass of water. Others can be catastrophic, like a burst pipe or leaking roof. When your house sustains water damage – from burst pipes to firefighting efforts – your rug is probably the last thing on your mind. But once the bigger issues have been taken care of, you might find yourself with a sopping wet rug. Whether or not the water was clean or dirty, your first steps will be to get your rug dry. Join us as we discuss how to deal with water damage and what to do after your rug dries!

Step 1: Remove Your Rug from the Wet Area

If the floor is saturated, removing the rug is the best approach. You need to get the floor underneath dried out, as well as your rug. You should never leave your rug to sit on the wet floor for long periods of time as this not only does damage to the floor, but also to your rug.

Step 2: Set Your Wet Area Rug Somewhere Dry and Flat

If possible, move the rug to a flat surface such as a wooden deck, concrete driveway, or even the footpath. You need a dry, flat surface that will hold your rug. If you have a squeegee with a long handle, use it to carefully and gently push as much water out of the rug as possible.

Step 3: Drying Out the Rug

Once your rug is no longer sopping wet, you can try to take the dampness out of it. You can finish drying your rug. If the weather is good, you can try drying out in the sun. If the weather is bad, you can dry the rug inside, but you will need to elevate it in order to let the air circulate. Train a fan on your rug to help.

wet area rug

Step 4: Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, making the air feel cooler and limit mould and mildew growth. In fact, any equipment (like fans) that help dry the air and ground, as well as circulate the air, helps with the drying time. A dehumidifier is perfect for those who need to dry their rug inside.

Step 5: Find a Professional Cleaner

You can take your rug to a professional rug cleaner either as soon as you’ve squeegeed out your rug, or once you’ve gotten it damp/dry. It depends on how willing you are to have a wet rug in your car. The sooner you get your rug to a professional cleaner, the better.

Dirty water can turn to mud in your carpet, driving the dirt and dust deeper into the pile. Water can also cause mould to grow in your rug, leading to rot. Mould spores and rot are also dangerous to your family’s health, especially those with asthma.

A professional rug cleaner, like Woods Rug Laundry, is specially equipped to deal with wet area rugs.

Step 6: If Your Rug is Too Big, Get Help!

If you have a very large rug, or a number of waterlogged rugs, and your water damage is extensive, you need a professional service. Rug laundries, like Woods Rug Laundry can help you out with our pick up and delivery services, and our specialist equipment. Professional cleaners can carefully clean and dry your rug, to prevent any further damage.

wet area rug

When Should I Replace a Rug After Water Damage?

There are many reasons why people would want to replace their rug after water damage. In the case of cheaper, synthetic rugs, it is often cheaper to replace the rug entirely. Further, if the water damage was black water, it is better to have it replaced than risk the health issues associated with this polluted water. Many cleaners will refuse to clean rugs damaged by black water.

If the water was grey water, clean water, or simply dirty, then there is a good chance the rug can be properly cleaned and dried. Proper, professional practices, specialist cleaning and drying facilities, and the right sanitation can get your rug back, almost as good as new!

In fact, many people find that having their rugs cleaned after water damage leaves them looking and feeling better than before.

If you have a water-logged rug, and need help after water damage, contact the team at Woods Rug Laundry today. We can help you out with convenient pickup and delivery system, and our professional cleaning services. Call or contact us today!