Textured Rugs to Add Warmth to Your Home

Winter is well and truly upon us and as the temperature drops, the desire to cosy up on the couch or in bed is becoming stronger. In the winter months, we all look for a warm, cosy house to settle into after work. Cold floors are the bane of winter months, so warm them up and make your home feel incredibly cosy with a stunning textured rug! Textured rugs are affordable and cost effective, making them the perfect way to add warmth, depth and character to a room.

hide rug

What is a Textured Rug?

Textured rugs run the gamut between natural fibre rugs, hide rugs, and even traditional wool rugs.

Natural Fibre Textured Rugs

Natural fibres can easily warm up the look of any space, as well as bring a level of comfort to your home. Many are highly durable, making them perfect for high traffic areas. Most natural fibre rugs are constructed from jute or sisal both of which create gorgeous, interesting textures for your space. Sisal is best for high traffic areas as it is more durable, while jute is perfect for areas that need a softer texture underfoot.

Hide Rugs

These rugs have become popular again, and for good reason. Hide rugs add a touch of sophistication to a space, as well as creating fantastic textural elements. They are durable though they best kept in low traffic areas to stop wear on the hide. They make the perfect addition to studies, home offices and even in low traffic lounge rooms.

Wool Rugs

While wool rugs might be the last thing you would consider when looking for a textured rugs, they can completely change a space. Wool rugs are the most wide ranging in terms of design, offering patterns that add warmth and personality to muted rooms, or even help soften a busy space. Wool rugs are also the most comfortable and soft to touch, and work in nearly every space. Some rugs also come with playful features and textures, like braiding and knotwork.

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Styling a Textured Rug

Textured rugs are gorgeous but how do you style them? Textured rugs work on wood, tile and even carpeted floors to add dimension and warmth. Just make sure you place a rug pad under the rug on tile and wood floors to stop them slipping.

A generous sized textured rug is ideal in open plan living spaces, and can help separate lounge spaces from dining areas. Try to aim for a rug that is wider than your lounge or couch to create that defined space. They can also be st

yled in a more traditional way, seated under a coffee table or at the end of a bed.

Textured Rugs and the Scandi Style

Scandi remains one of the most popular décor styles at the moment. Thankfully, textured rugs go perfectly with Scandinavian décor. To suit this style, we recommend a rug in grey, white and neutral tones, as Scandi is a light, clean, bright and minimal style. But you can play with these tones by introducing texture. Whether you choose a knotted, hand-loomed or flat weave rug, you can create a stunning wow-factor feature for your room.

Finally, the muted colour palette favoured by Scandi suits almost every space and offers a timeless style, which is perfect for those on a budget or who want a rug that will last a lifetime of décor changes.

How to Choose a Textured Rug

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Finding the right textured rug is important but can feel like a difficult task. So we’ve broken the decision down to the two most important things you should consider.


One of the biggest factors you need to consider is your lifestyle and how you use the room. You need to consider if the rug will get a lot of foot traffic or only a little. And do you have pets that are likely to enjoy the rug alongside you?

If you have a rug in a high traffic area, like an entry hall, main lounge space or in the kitchen, then you need a rug that is hardy and easy to clean. Avoid knotted rugs and anything with excessive bumps and lumps. This makes the rug easier to clean and keep in great shape.

A rug in a low foot traffic area, like a dining room or bedroom, you can go with a softer rug or even a heavily textured rug that might not suit high traffic areas.

Match Your Décor

Your new rug needs to complement your interior décor, including style, colour and finish. Take time to explore colours and textures already in your home and consider what kind of rug best matches them! And don’t afraid to chose a bold rug with an interesting pattern or colour pattern. Make the perfect statement in your home!

You also need to keep your new rug pristine and clean. And while vacuuming your rug, regularly, is important, all rugs need at least one good, professional cleaning a year. Woods Rug Laundry is skilled in handling all kinds of rugs, materials and textures. Contact us today if your rug needs a little tender love and care to bring warmth and character back to your space!