Rug Wash

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Keeping your rug clean is paramount to the look and life of your rug. At Woods Rug Laundry we have a wonderful Seven Stage Rug Wash Process to ensure we get the best possible result for your rug.

Stage One

At Stage One we inspect and analyse your rug to note the exact requirements for your rug. We take into account, at this stage, the rug fibre and pile depth. We test the colour fastness of the dyes, specific stains, and any odours. If we detect urine, we will contact you with a quote for urine treatment, as this is an additional cost. Please note that many urine stains cannot be treated though we can remove odour and remaining urine to stop further damage.

Stage Two

Stage Two involves dust and dirt removal. Rugs are thoroughly vacuumed and agitated in order to remove as much dry soil and dust as possible.

Once rugs have been inspected and dry soil is removed, we move on to pre-spraying in Stage Three.

Stage Three

Rugs are pre-treated for stains and odours using a water based, bio-degradable cleaning solution. The solution we use is both human and pet safe.

Stage Four

At Stage Four our technicians apply shampoo that is gently massaged into the rug using a rotary rug washer machine. This further assists the removal of dirt and stains.

Stage Five

Once a rug has been shampooed, we move on to Stage Five. We pass your rug through our state-of-the-art rinsing machine. Soft jets of cold water gently wash away dirt particles and shampoo before the ringer removes excess moisture.

Stage Six

Stage Six involves hanging your rug in our specially climate-controlled drying room. Our technicians test for excess moisture with a moisture meter before they are removed from the drying room. Drying can take up to 48 hours depending on the fabric and pile.

Stage Seven

The final phase, Stage Seven, of our rug was process involves inspecting rugs for any areas requiring further attention. Fringes are hand cleaned and rugs are vacuumed and groomed. If your rug is composed of silk we treat them with a special, proprietary process to ensure the genuine silk finish and feel is retained. Rugs are then rolled, ready for collection or delivery.

To find out more about our rug washing service and rug wash prices, please use the links below to request a quote or book a pick up online! Or visit our Contact Us page, today!