Maintaining Delicate Rugs at Home

We all want our homes to look beautiful, and for many people that means adding a rug to their homes. Choosing the right rug can make your home look brighter, pull together your décor, and add a level of sophistication.

However, delicate rugs require some special attention and regular care. And this care changes depending on the type of rug you have. The team at Woods Rug Laundry has put together a guide on delicate rug care.

Cleaning Sisal Rugs

Woven and Braided Rug Care

Woven and braided rugs are the most popular types of rugs in Australia. However, because they are woven, it can make it difficult to clean. You need to ensure you regularly vacuum to remove dirt and dust that builds up in the braids and weaves.

Leaving dirt and dust in your rug not only makes it look duller and darker, but it can also cause damage. As you walk over your rug, you grind this dirt between the fibres, creating a sandpaper effect. As a result, you’ll find your rug shows wear and tear faster. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning will help maintain the look of your rug, while protecting your family from airborne contaminates.

If a stain occurs, blot carefully with a clean towel or paper and then take immediately to a professional cleaner to safely treat the stain. Avoid homemade and store-bought cleaners as they can stain your rug further, cause bleach stains, or cause dye run.

Antique, Hand-knotted and Oriental Delicate Rugs Care

The most eye catching, sought-after, and memorable of rugs are traditional, antique, oriental rugs. Most of these delicate rugs are made for their longevity, and are easy to vacuum. However, these older rugs do need a little more effort than modern rugs, to preserve them. They also need to be rotated if they are in areas with sunlight and furniture. This ensures your rug does not get sun bleached or dented by furniture in one place.

If something is spilled on your rug, you need to act quickly. It is important to gently blot the stain with a clean, white towel or piece of paper. You don’t want any dye from the paper or fabric transferring onto your rug. Once you have blotted away the excess liquid or solids, you need to take your rug to a professional cleaner. A professional cleaner has dye-safe cleaners and equipment on hand to help clean up the stain and preserve your rug.

sisal rug

Natural Fibre Rug Care – Rush, Coir, Sisal and Grass

These rugs are made from natural materials with an open weave design. The open weave allows dirt to sift through and settle on the floor below. As a result, it is important to vacuum the front and back of the rug, as well as the floor beneath. Otherwise, the build up of dirt causes a sandpaper effect that will quickly wear away at your rug.

These rugs are also highly prone to drying out, causing brittleness, and harbouring mildew, mould and rot if they get wet. As a result, you need to keep them away from water, humidity and heat in order to preserve your rug.

If something is spilled on the rug, you need to blot it up right away. Natural fibres stain quickly, so you need to blot up liquid and solids immediately. After, you need to take your rug to a professional cleaner, who has products safe for natural fibres.

Sheepskin, Fur, Hide, and Hair-on Delicate Rugs Care

Hide rugs are definitely in vogue and can be a great way to give your home a cool, trendy vibe, while maintaining a traditional feel. However, maintaining these rugs is a little different from traditional rug styles.

Rather than vacuuming, it is safer to shake out your hide rugs and gently brush them with a hard plastic brush. This is important to ensure you remove any dirt, dust or insects that will deteriorate your rug. On sunny days, you can place your rug outside (for no more than an hour) to air it out and freshen it up.

It is important not to get your rug wet as this will cause serious deterioration. Like the other rugs we’ve discussed, it is important to rotate them regularly, and spot clean any stains or spills. If your hide or fur rug needs to be cleaned after an accident or as generally maintenance, you need to contact a professional. They will help ensure no fur or hair loss, and not water stain issues on hide.

Do you have a rug that needs professional cleaning? Book in with Woods Rug Laundry today! We clean a wide range of delicate and antique rugs, and provide a convenient pick up and delivery service!