How To Clean a Rug

Rugs are a stunning way to pull a room together. Not only do they add colour and warmth to a space, they feel great underfoot – especially in winter! But to ensure your rug lasts forever, you need to clean and maintain it. You should have your rug professionally cleaned at least once a year, or more if you have it in a high traffic area, but your rug also needs daily and weekly cleaning. Here are our top home rug cleaning tips!How To Clean a Rug

1: Vacuuming

Your rug needs to be vacuumed both front and back, to remove all surface dirt and debris. It is important that you use the brush attachment for the best cleaning results. Ensure you also vacuum the back of the rug to prevent wear and tear on the rug backing.

However, if you have a shag pile rug, turn the beater bar off the vacuum to prevent the fibres from tangling and tearing.

brushing a rug

2: Brush Out Your Rug

Vacuuming, even deep vacuuming, can leave behind pet hair. As a result, it is important that you use a stiff brush to remove the hair. Brush in the direction of the nap of the rug for the best results.

moving your rug

3: Turn Your Rugs Yearly

Foot traffic and sunlight can put extra stress on your rug, causing it to wear down faster. In order to lengthen the life of your rug, ensure that you turn your rug once or twice a year.

shake out small rugs

4: Shake Out Smaller Rugs

If you rug is small enough, it is helpful if you can take it outside and shake – or beat – it vigorously to remove dirt, dust and grit. Remember though, some councils may have rules against shaking rugs outdoors, so be sure to check before you do so.

How To Clean a Rug

How to Clean Woven Rugs

Before and after cleaning, check the rugs for stitching breaks. If you notice any wear or tear, it is important that if you find any breaks or tears, you take it to a professional cleaner and repairer like Woods Rug Laundry.

Vacuum your rug in each direction to draw dust and dirt out of the weave. Avoid excess sunlight and foot traffic to protect your rug from becoming brittle and worn. Rotate rugs regularly and avoid liquid spills. If spills do occur, carefully blot them and scrape up any solid mess. After this, bring your rug in for a professional clean before the stain sets.

cleaning antique rugs

How to Clean Antique and Oriental Rugs

Antique rugs are popular choices for homes, but they are an investment. So you will want to do everything you can to protect that investment. Vacuuming your oriental rug daily or weekly is important. You want to remove as much dirt and debris as you can, so your rug doesn’t deteriorate. The build up of dirt can cause a sandpaper affect when you walk on your rug, wearing out the backing and fibres.

Vacuum in the direction of the nap to protect the fibres. Make sure you vacuum the back of the rug thoroughly as well! If you own pets, try using the brush attachment to ensure you remove as much pet hair as possible. Rotate rugs regularly, especially if they are in high traffic areas or in direct sunlight to protect from uneven wear or bleaching.

cleaning natural fibre rugs

How to Clean Natural Fibre Rugs

Natural fibre rugs are generally an open weave that gathers dirt easily. Make sure you vacuum in all directions to lift dirt and grime. Vacuum the floor beneath, as well, to prevent wear and tear on the rug backing. If you are allowed in your region, shake your rug out thoroughly outside.

Spot clean stains by blotting and remove any solid matter. Don’t rub or scrub at the stain or it will set and spread the mark.

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