Everything You Need to Know About Braided Rugs

Braided rugs are fast becoming a trend. And with so many rugs on the market it can be hard to decide which one to buy. Today we are going to discuss how to choose the perfect braided rugs and how to care for them.

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What Style of Braided Rug is Right for Me?

Braided rugs have an endless variety of styles. While traditional and classic rugs have their own charm, rug options are no longer limited to these older, time-honoured styles. Modern and contemporary rugs have bold, floral patterns or geometric shapes which have been rising in popularity. When choosing a braided rug, consider the tones and textures of your other furnishings. While you don’t have to match everything to your rug, it is important that the rug works with your general décor.

Which Colour Braided Rug Should I Choose?

Colour is a very personal choice! It is an important feature in a room and sets the tone for your entire décor . You can either match your braided rug to your décor or make your rug a statement piece in the room. Modern room designs, especially minimalism designs, favour a bright, geometric style braided rug with white toned, parred back furniture. Neutral tones work great to blend in with your furniture. Lighter colours will open up a room, while darker tones will create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

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What Size Should I Choose for a Braided Rug?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing braided rugs is picking a rug that is too small for their space. A rug that is too small can make your space seem odd and mismatched. An a rug that is too big can also make your space feel confused. When choosing a large rug, there should be a space of at least 10-20” between the walls and the edge of the rug. You can also choose a rug to highlight spaces, to sit under living room furniture or to designate a dining space. Choosing a rug that is slightly too big is better than choosing a rug that’s too small.

How are Braided Rugs Made?

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Braided rugs are made by braiding together natural fibres or fabric strips that are then crafted into a rug. Most of these rugs are very sturdy, but older rugs can pose some issues. They need regular maintenance like other rugs and require regular vacuuming. If your rug is made from natural fibres they can be more difficult to clean. How difficult the rug is to clean also depends on the stain, spill and type of fibre.

Rug Dye Problems and Braided Rugs

Braided rugs can be prone to colourfast issues. If you place a damp cloth on the rug and colour transfers onto the cloth, you need to be careful what surface you place the rug on as it may transfer the dye onto other surfaces. You don’t want vibrant colours transferring onto your wood, stone or light carpet floors. You can place a barrier between the rug and the surface but this can change the feel and look of the rug.

Rug filler threads are used to make the rug stiffer but can also cause the colour bleed issue to increase if the filler threads are also dyed.

Broken Braid Issues

As rugs age, the threads holding the braids together can begin to weaken and break. This will eventually cause the rug to fall apart. Tripping on the broken rug sections can cause the braids to fall apart faster. You can take your rug to a professional rug cleaner to have the broken sections repaired before the rug is cleaned. Repairing is not possible at home, as the rug will need to be repaired using strong upholstery thread. Otherwise the rug will quickly break again, rather than lasting a few more years.

However, if the rug is heavily soiled, repair might not be possible as it isn’t safe for rug repairers to be breathing in the rug contaminants for as long as it takes the rug to be repaired. If your braided rug is broken and extremely dirty, it might be easier to replace it than try to find a repairer and cleaner.

Braided rugs are colourful and fun and bring a bohemian feel to you home. And the older braided rugs have some fantastic stories and history attached to them. Just be sure to ask plenty of questions when buying your new rug and inspect them carefully before buying and before cleaning, to ensure you won’t have any unexpected issues in the future.

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