Cleaning Sisal Rugs

Sisal and seagrass rugs are popular, because they are relatively easy to maintain. The hard, natural fibres don’t attract as much dust as other rugs, and it is difficult for bacteria to penetrate the fibres. Further, sand and fine dirt don’t damage sisal rugs as much as traditional fibres. But they still need upkeep, like regular rugs.

Cleaning Sisal Rugs

Do You Need to Maintain a Sisal Rug?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is definitely yes. Sisal and seagrass rugs need daily care, just like any other rug. In fact, regular maintenance is the first step to keeping your rugs looking their best for as long as possible. Home cleaning sisal rugs includes:

vacuuming sisal rugs

Regular Vacuuming

Daily or weekly maintenance is an important step in keeping your sisal rug look its best. Regular vacuuming with a suction-only vacuum keeps dust and dirt particles out of a rug. By removing dirt and dust from your rug you avoid the abrasive issues that cause your rug to deteriorate.

Beater-type cleaning is not effective due to the weave used in sisal rugs. It requires a strong suction to pull out the fine dirt in the fibres and underlay. Make several passes over the rug, in different directions, to thoroughly clean the rug.

spot cleaning sisal rugs

Spot Cleaning

If you spill something on a sisal rug, it is important to immediately spot remove. Any spills need to be removed as soon as possible. Blot a spill up, carefully, with clean, un-dyed paper towels or cloths. Or you can carefully scrape up solid spills with a knife or nail file.

Never rub the stain or scrub at this, as it can drive the spill deeper into the fibres and cause the stain to set. It also spreads the spill to a larger area. Dab at the stain and carefully blot it up, instead. Once you have blotted the spill, take your rug to a professional cleaner to treat the stain.

cleaning liquid spills

Cleaning Liquid Spills

If you spill something liquid on your rug, as opposed to a solid, you should also immediately blot with paper towels. Grease and oil should also be blotted carefully to prevent spread. After doing this, take your rug to a professional to have the stain properly treated.

curled rug corners

Curled Rug Corners

There’s nothing more frustrating, or aesthetically displeasing, as a rug with curling edges. Sisal rugs are prone to this issue, especially if they’re placed in high traffic areas. Constant foot traffic and shuffling feet can cause the edges to turn over. Weighing down the corners overnight can help remedy this. If not, discuss with your rug cleaner for more strategies.

rug rot


Why is My Sisal Rug Brittle?

If your sisal rug is exposed to dryness or low humidity, this can cause issues for your rug. In extreme cases, the rug can tighten up. This can even result in a shrinking of your rug. A brittle rug is not only uncomfortable underfoot, it makes the rug susceptible to damage. Moistening or wetting the rug can help, but saturating the fibres can cause the rug to shrink more dramatically of not tried properly. If you are concerned about your rug or need it cleaned, it is important to have it professionally cleaned.

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