3 of the Biggest Commercial Rug Cleaning Myths

Today we want to look at three of the biggest commercial rug cleaning myths that can also apply to domestic rugs. This blog should help ensure your commercial rugs are stunning additions to your workplace, rather than an inconvenience.

Just like your rug at home, your commercial rugs need more than the occasional vacuum. By not having your rugs properly cleaned, you run the risk of damaging them and needing replacements far too soon.

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1: Why Do I Need to Clean New Rugs?

One of the biggest myths when it comes to commercial rugs. Rug owners forget that hundreds of people walk on your rug every day. Dirt and dust particles from all these shoes rub against the rug fibres, which leads to the premature wearing of the rug.

The more traffic your rug or rugs see, the more dirt that is worn into the fibres. While regular vacuuming removes some of the dirt but not all. And as long as dirt remains trapped in the rug fibres, the more damage that can occur. As a result, this means even a new rug gets dirty, fast!

2: Why Can’t I Clean My Commercial Rug Myself?

Another of the big commercial rug myths! While anyone can hire a machine from their local hardware store, these machines are not commercial grade. As a result, they cannot achieve the same results as a professional commercial rug cleaning company. A professional cleaner has access to specialist equipment, as well as years of experience and facilities that allow us to properly clean and dry your rugs.

Hire machines also don’t have the suction power of a professional machine. Further, they often put too much water into a rug, making it difficult to dry. If a rug is wet for too long, it can cause mould, mildew, dry rot, and even create a health hazard for your employees and customers. Finally, professional cleaners, like Woods Rug Laundry, use specialist chemicals to clean which, unlike those used by hire machines, are far more effective for cleaning and safer for the environment.

So it is important that you don’t risk your expensive rugs in the face of saving a few dollars.

3: Can’t I Just Use a Deodoriser?

Off the shelf products, like rug and carpet deodorisers, can be a disaster waiting to happen. These often contain chemicals, like talcum powder, that are dangerous to the health of your rug, yourself, your employees and your customers. These powders, which do not dissolve in water, build up over time in the rug fibres. Even with a good vacuum, these powders are difficult to remove. In fact, during vacuuming and cleaning, these powders can leave unsightly white streaks.

Further, using deodorising powders can make you rug a magnet for dust. These powders actually attract dirt and dust particles by sticking to the residue the powders leave behind. Rather than making your rugs more attractive, it can make them look dirtier.

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How Can I Protect My Commercial Rugs?

When it comes to keeping your rugs clean, there are varying degrees of dirty. High-traffic areas, that receive more foot traffic from employees and customers, are especially likely to get dirty and damaged. Here’s how to help keep your rugs cleaner, for longer!

1: Design Your Space with Cleanliness in Mind

Where you can, consider the cleanliness of your commercial space. You can always install a good, hard surface at the entrance that then transitions to your rugs. Entrances are not the only areas that could benefit from installing a hard service. Others include:

  • Break out rooms
  • Dressing rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Locker rooms

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2: Install Walk-Off Systems at Your Entrances and Exits

Have you ever walked over the textured, rubber or metal areas at the front of a store or business? Those are walk-off systems – or walk-off mats. These areas help collect dirt and prevent it entering the rest of the building. This contributes to a cleaner workplace and can extend the life of your rugs or carpets.

3: Protect Against Your Furniture

Foot traffic and dirt are not the only things that can damage and dirty your rugs. Furnitures being moved or slid around the floor can cause bunch and wearing to the fibres. Because of this, we recommend utilising floor protection in your workplace, including rubber stoppers and plastic mats under chairs.

Need professional help with commercial rug cleaning? Contact the team at Woods Rug Laundry today for more information!